zsh 4.3.5 リリース


  • 新しい拡張glob (#cN,M) 正規表現の{N,M}の似た振る舞いをする。
  • zsh/datetime モジュールのエンハンス
  • zsh/curses モジュールの追加
  • モジュールシステムのエンハンス


Major changes between versions 4.3.4 and 4.3.5

- The new extended globbing flag (#cN,M) behaves similarly to the extended
  regular expression syntax {N,M}.

- The zsh/datetime module has been enhanced and a calendar function
  system has been added along the lines of (but much enhanced from)
  the traditional Unix "calendar" utility.  This is still under
  development.  See the zshcalsys manual.  (The calendar functions
  were in 4.3.4 but were not listed in this file.  There have been
  significant enhancements since 4.3.4.)

- A new module zsh/curses provides a builtin zcurses for access to
  to the curses screen manipulation package.  See the entry for zsh/curses
  in the zshmodules manual.

- The module system has been enhanced to support the notion of "features"
  that give more control over which builtins, parameters, conditions
  and math functions are loaded from a module.  In particular,
  "zmodload -F zsh/stat b:zstat" makes the builtin previously called
  "stat" available as "zstat" (only) to avoid clashes with a system
  command named "stat".