Parallels Desktop for Mac (build 4.0.3810) でWindows 7 Beta を動作させる

先日公開された Parallels Desktop for Mac に、Windows 7 Beta をインストールしてみました。

What's new in Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac Update (build 4.0.3810)

  • DirectX 9.0 with Shaders Model 2 support
  • Windows 7 inside the virtual machine (experimental)
  • Apple remote disk support
  • Silent start in Coherence
  • Possibility to drag Windows files to Mac applications in the Dock
  • Possibility to remove a virtual machine from the list with a context menu option
  • Possibility to specify CPU and memory options in the New Virtual Machine


  • Possibility to suspend Boot Camp virtual machines with the help of the

"disp.allow_to_suspend_bootcamp_vm=1;" system flag

  • Snow Leopard as a primary operating system (experimental)
  • Snow Leopard as a guest operating system (experimental)
  • Customer Experience Program
  • SSE4 support (better performance for media applications)